3 Powerful Ebay Pricing Secrets That Will Make Your Items Sell Like Crazy

3 Powerful Ebay Pricing Secrets That Will Make Your Items Sell Like Crazy
One of the reasons why your items aren’t selling, is because of your bad pricing strategy. In this article, I shall be giving you 3 powerful ebay pricing strategies that will make your items sell like crazy. You will also get a free link to a recommended ebay resource that I constantly use to make over $30,000 monthly on ebay.

Here are 3 powerful ebay pricing strategies that you can implement immediately:


1. “Go for it” Strategy: To use this strategy effectively, all you need to do is list your item for 10 days,starting on a Thursday. This will ensure that your listing allows bidders to push up the price themselves. That way, you can make a bigger profit than you would have with any Buy it Now price.

2. “Few dollars More” Strategy: What uou do here is, set your item bidding price to the normal Buy it Now price that you would usually charge. Then set your Buy it Now price for the same item, a little bit higher(make it a few dollars above). What your prospective customers would think is that, they don’t need to bid for the item when they could easily buy it immediately. This method will bring you a lot of profits.

3.”One dollar less” Strategy: This is a very good technique that keeps on making huge profits for those who use them properly. When you see your competotors list an item that you also stock, watch their Buy it Now prices and also list your own item by matching their titles closely. Don’t copy their titles word for word! But there is a difference between you and them – put your Buy it Now price, one dollar less than theirs. Prospective customers will be dying to purchase your item simply because your item is one dollar less expensive.

As revealed, the three powerful strategies above,will make your items sell like crazy and this will increase your profits. Start making use of this secrets today!

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