Building My Own Website

Building My Own Website
I have been thinking about building my own website for a really long time now. I know a lot of people who make their full time livings online. With the economy as rough as it is my job has taken a severe turn for the worse. I?m sure I?m not alone in this more and more people are losing their jobs or taking huge pay cuts every day.

I decided that now is the time to finally start building my own website. I started to do a ton of research online on the subject and was overwhelmed at first at all the information I was finding. I felt like their were a lot of contradicting opinions on the subject of building your own websites.


Some people were suggesting to learn programming languages like html and php. I tried my best to learn html to start out with, but the progress was really slow and frustrating. When I started to look into learning php I threw my hands up in the air and quit. I know that I just am not the type of person who can master a programming language that is so difficult.

Luckily I found a much easier methods of building my own website. The technology these days is advancing rapidly and the days of being forced to learn complex programming languages to build your own website are gone. Now I found building my own website is as easy as pointing clicking and typing. Skills we have all mastered just by simply surfing the web or doing reports in school.

I wanted to write this article to hopefully save some of you a ton of time and headache going down the path I did to building my own website. My suggestion for those people like me who are not blessed with advanced programming skills, is to stick with a simple web builder.

The website builder that I am building my own website with is really easy to use. It really is as easy as pointing clicking and typing. One thing I learned early on is that you do not have to pay a fortune for a professional website. I pay about twenty five dollars a month and that includes support seven days a week If I get stuck.

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