Can Finding A New Job Be Any Harder

Can Finding A New Job Be Any Harder
More and more frequently we find ourselves tired and frustrated with our careers, telling our families and friends that ?this time it?s final ? I need to start looking for a new job tomorrow??? Still, we don?t do anything about it.

Over the years, I found myself, and many friends and colleagues in this position far too many times, so I decided to do some ?soul searching? a while back and find out once and for all what it would actually take for most of us to translate words into actions.


The immediate words that come to mind when contemplating about searching for a new job are ?pain? and ?frustration? ? Let?s admit this, finding a new job is one of the most agonizing experiences in our professional lives ? Spending countless hours in putting our resumes together, searching for jobs posted online, talking to recruiters and head-hunters that are focus more on making money than on truly helping us. We also go on endless interviews, answering the same old questions just to find out that far too often that (a) we are not really interested in the position being offered, or (b) employers have no understanding of the type of the person they are looking for. Just to make things even more complicated, we also fear that our current manager would find out and react negatively to us looking for other career opportunities.

These are quite profound reasons to avoid looking for new positions, and there?s nothing we can do to change it, or is there….

Having the mentality that anything is possible, I began brainstorming with a colleague of mine as to what it would take to entice people like us who are not satisfied with their careers, to pursue different career opportunities. After many months of researching this issue and discussing it with various business and HR professionals, we finally had the answer: ?We want an online recruiting platform that will allow us to apply for jobs without a resume and anonymously, and will learn about and process our qualifications and interests on an continuing basis so that we would only get invitations to apply for the career opportunities that we may be interested in and qualified to pursue. Also, this service should enable candidates and hiring managers to directly and discretely connect with each other so that candidates can find out more about any given position, and employers can fill in any missing blanks about candidates, all before having to go for any interviews, and without revealing candidates? identities?.

Building Scopings

Thrilled about our findings, and having the proper technological background, we started planning the answer to our prayers, an online recruiting platform that will help us painlessly find our next career opportunity, which we ultimately called Scopings. As a description of Scopings is beyond the scope of this article, I will leave it for an additional article to be written in the near future.

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