Complete Automate Test Just Not Possible

Complete Automate Test Just Not Possible
Nowadays, there are so many software programs being developed by millions of software engineers all over the world. This no longer comes as a surprise because of the fast technological advancements that are currently happening just about everywhere. However, before any particular software program is released to the purchasing public, there are still many tests that the program itself would have to undergo. After all, quality assurance is a must with these software programs, so there really is a need to conduct tests. One popular method is to automate test these software programs.

Through automated testing of software programs here, engineers no longer have to perform manual tests, just to check on the quality of the programs that have just been developed. Imagine having to do QA tests on all of these programs manually! These tests would practically eat up the whole of your workday! Thus, it would be better to develop an automated system to check on the quality of these programs.


Nevertheless, before an automated test is developed, there is still a need to develop what is known as a manual testing procedure. This way, the process of conducting this manual testing procedure is then integrated into the automated process that will be developed later on.

When it comes to automating the process, there are special software applications that you will need to use for certain aspects. These applications are needed in controlling test executions, in readying pre-conditions for the tests themselves, and in comparing the actual outcomes to the predicted results that have been determined early on. Automated testing does let engineers and software developers save much time and energy in ensuring quality assurance. However, when there is a need to conduct more complex tests, manual tests would then have to be done here.

There are also testing methods that can never be completely automated. One of these is interface testing. This type of testing is actually very important in ensuring the quality of different software products. For human beings to communicate with computer hardware efficiently, the interface is actually needed. The interface is actually software that is comprised of commands, messages, images, and more features that makes communication between the hardware and the user possible and easier. So many companies make use of interface testing so that their customers will not have any problem when they start using software products upon their release. It is also sensible for software developers to have their products supported by two or more languages. Thus, there is indeed a need to understand the interface of these products as well.

The feedback companies get from customers using their products are actually used to ensure the improvement of the products themselves. During this test, the end users are assigned different tasks. The program flow of the applications is then evaluated to see if the flow itself matches the natural flow that the end user uses in navigating the application itself. User-friendliness is also measured here. This is precisely why it is difficult to completely automate test interface testing. You just cannot duplicate the way end users think as they navigate their way within any given program or application.

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