Consistency Around The Holidays

Consistency Around The Holidays
” Routine is a part of life. While some people may protest it, given the way the majority of society acts, you can?t help but notice how many people embrace it.
This is only natural given that routine is simply part of life. Once people settle into a job a natural routine develops. People often find comfort in routine because it brings with it a natural element of safety. You know what?s going to come next so you can plan your life around it.
The same is going to be true for how people view the places they shop. I go to certain stores on certain days because I know they either have specials then or they get new products in that day. My schedule naturally changes to work with these different stores to get the best deals.

And this kind of routine extends to beyond just day to day life. How many places do you know about that have yearly sales you always look forward to? There are plenty of companies who have specific sales around the holidays. How many people are out the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of all those great sales? If all those companies decided not to have any sales one year, just imagine the uproar it would create.
All of these facts lend themselves to strong marketing if you know how to make them work for you. First take a year and literally plan out each marketing push you?re going to have on the holidays. Start with calendar printing in December for the new year along with any Christmas specials you want. From there work your way around covering each major holiday.
Give each sale a strong name and theme. The better the deals you generate the more people will take interest in them, just as the better the calendar printing you get done the more people will want to take your calendars home.
Once you get things started routine becomes the name of the game. Be sure that each year you stick by what you did, maybe improving on the sale if you can, or finding some way to make it slightly better. I would even try to stick with the same ways of advertising it. If you used postcards to advertise a summer sale on year, stick with them the next year as well.
I?m not going to say this is an easy or quick thing to do, because developing any routine takes time, but if you stick with it you?ll start to notice your sales increasing each year you hold it. Slowly but surely more and more people are going to incorporate your specials into their routines. Before you know it people are going to be looking forward to them, and you?ll have increased sales as a part of your own routine to look forward to.”

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