EMF Shielding – Why is it Needed?

EMF Shielding – Why is it Needed?
With every passing day, people are getting dependent on technology more and more. After all, their use makes life easier and comfortable. While this is one side of the coin, the other side is that it causes electro pollution. Like any other type of pollution, this also causes severe and adverse health consequences. This is partly due to EMF or electromotive force. This is where the importance of EMF shielding comes to play its role.

Electromagnetic frequencies can cause substantial damages to human DNA when exposed to these frequencies for a longer duration. It causes adverse health consequences as they contain chemicals. When the chemicals enter the human body they can affect the hormones. For instance, it can cause the bio-field to function in a disorderly manner. This, in turn, causes disruption to the human body. In worst cases, it can also damage the immunity system. The right way to curb this menace is to choose EMF shielding.

Everyone would agree that a mobile phone has become an integral part of our life. Most start feeling uncomfortable the moment they realize they have left behind the mobile phone at their home or any other place. This reflects the increased dependency of people on mobiles. What most of them do not realize are the side effects these mobile phones can produce. Almost every variety of mobile phone causes electromagnetic radiation or EMR. Apart from these, Wi-Fi instruments and mobile phone towers are two common sources of this EMR. Any excessive amount of radiation cause health problems which are why people have started to apply mobile phone radiation shield.

When this kind of mobile phone radiation protection mechanism is in place, it protects every member of your office or home against incoming radiation. This can be accomplished using the shielding paints. These paints in turn can be used for painting the walls. It works wonders to screen different types of high frequency radiation like those emitted by Wi-Fi, WiMax, mobile phones, 3G and 4G. This can be used just like any other coat of paint. The paint being non-toxic in nature, it is extremely safe for health.

There are certain easy ways to avail the mobile phone radiation protection. For instance, reduction of harmful waves of mobile becomes easier if you keep the device away from the body. This should particularly be kept away from the reproductive organs, soft tissue and the head. Try to make calls from a fixed line instead of the mobile. When there is little coverage, you are compelled to make repeated efforts to connect your phone. This can in turn cause a lot of emission of harmful waves. Therefore, try to avoid using the cell phone in such circumstances.

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