Factors To Consider When Buying A Network Media Player

Factors To Consider When Buying A Network Media Player
A network media player is a piece of hardware that you can use to playback digital audio and video files. It can be connected to the PC, LCD TVs and home theater systems for entertainment purposes. If you are looking to enhance the home movie experience, perhaps you may want to consider purchasing a network media player. These days, they often come at an affordable price. Here are some factors to consider when buying a network media player.

Exterior design.


The network media player is a piece of entertainment equipment. That means you can expect them to come in popular colors such as blue or black. The goal here is to acquire something that would fit the overall look of your existing equipment. For example, if you already have a complete set of home theater system that is black in color, you may want to buy something that is black as well. Otherwise, the gadget may look as if it’s from another world.

Format compatibility.

On the personal computer, there are many different formats for audio and video digital files. Such formats include WMV9, WMV-HD, DIVX, XVid, HDV, and more. For sure, you want a piece of equipment that will be compatible with as many formats as possible. This will ensure that you won’t have to spend hours searching for conversion software, and you can access the content through the network media player immediately.

Independent playback.

You also want a network media player that is able to operate as a piece of stand alone hardware. That means without having to power on external hardware like the PC, the media player can still work. For a network media player to operate independently, it should have its own processing unit, it’s own main memory, and internal hard drive.

Many modern network media players come with USB drive support. You can connect USB devices such as USB hard drives, USB thumb drives, MP3 players, etc. and start playing back the content without having to transfer any data. Alternatively, if you wish to store the data in the player for playback later, you can always do so since there is an internal hard drive.

Video output.

Since network media players can be used for video playback, you should consider the video output quality. For example, if may want to ensure that high definition formats are supported by the media player. Note that not all television sets are compatible with high definition formats. So even though your media player allows high definition playback, you should ensure that your television supports high definition formats as well.

Finally, the last factor you have to consider is price. Network media players can cost anything from USD $350 and up. Many elements affect the price of the equipment. Elements such as country of production, brand name and features all play a part in influencing the price of the equipment.

As you can see, the ideal network media player would be one that has a nice exterior design, a complete set of features, and an affordable price.

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