Hosting An Online Party For Your Direct Sales Business

Hosting An Online Party For Your Direct Sales Business
Hosting online parties for your direct sales business can be both fun and lucrative. I?d like to offer some tips and ideas to plan for your success:

1. Just as you?d plan ahead and pick a date for an in-home party, when hosting an online party you?ll want to pick a date that allows you enough time to invite guests and plan ahead.


2. If you are the ?host? of the party, consider advertising this as a mystery host party. That means that one of your guests will get the host benefits of the party. You can choose from a random drawing of those who attend. Offer one ticket for coming, one ticket for making a purchase and one ticket for bringing a friend. Then choose a host from all tickets entered.

3. Create a banner ahead of time that has your URL on it. Find out if you can use this banner in the chat room you?ll be holding the party in.

4. When you attend parties, there is always some type of special available through the party only. Make sure you have a least one or two specials available to attendees only.

5. Plan out your marketing strategy. If you have a newsletter, publish the party information in your newsletter. If you belong to online communities, add the information to your signature. Remember, not everyone invited will attend.

6. Plan a few games for your party with products as gifts. One fun game is to have a scavenger hunt through your catalog. First person to get three points wins. Make sure each guest has access to the online catalog.

7. Make sure your party does not go longer than one hour. You might even be able to host the party in forty-five minutes. Short and sweet is the way to go.

8. When you put together your guest list, consider offline invitations also. You can invite co-workers and those you attend church with. Those you know offline might be more inclined to attend an online party versus a home party where they?d have to leave their own home.

9. Always ask for future party hosts and future team members. Just as you would ask for new hosts and new team members in a home party setting, make sure you also ask online.

10. Keep it simple. It?s always best to keep your party simple. This makes it easy for you and makes it very duplicatable to those attending.

Try hosting an online party to increase your sales. You?ll gain new customers and potentially find future party hosts.

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