How To Elevate Your Level Of Enthusiasm

How To Elevate Your Level Of Enthusiasm
For a majority of my career, as a salesman, I had to solely base my sales on enthusiasm. The reason why is because when you are enthusiastic about your product it will make up for a lack of product knowledge, time working or any obstacle you?re faced with. You have to give out every bit of enthusiasm about the product you have. You have to give it your all. Be excited about what you?re doing – your clients will feel that excitement and they will want to be a part of it.

Sometimes I wake up and just don?t feel excited about working. What I do is I choose to be enthusiastic. When my mind tells me I?m not excited about this, what I always do is ask my self, ?What do I want?? I want to get sales, I want to have fun, and I want to get excited. ?Have I been enthusiastic before? What was I enthusiastic about? How did it make me feel? What were the results?? I use this tool every time my mind comes back to say, ?I?m not feeling it today?, now I have a way to deal with that.
The reason this works is because my every thought is on being enthusiastic. Whatever you think about you bring about. If you?re thinking you just don?t have it in you, that is what will show. It is your choice. Believe me; your mind is going to keep coming at you with negative thoughts. Overcome those thoughts. You know that person that is always enthusiastic about something and always gives off that vibe of being excited and happy? This is how they do it. They convince themselves they love what they are doing. It will make a difference to your customers and it will make a difference in your sales.


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