How To Have Lifestyle While Building Massive Momentum In Your Business

How To Have Lifestyle While Building Massive Momentum In Your Business
Here are my top 3 tips for making it happen:

1. Schedule in your Spare time Activities


I have a standard diary that I adhere to for the week. In it I have my horse riding days scheduled and the start and finish times of my workday. I don?t take on any commitments during this time. This also keeps me focused as I know I have to get certain things done before heading off to ride. I stick to this 90% of the time and it allows me to go riding 4-5 days a week.

What needs to be in your standard schedule of the week? Make it a permanent part of your schedule now and work everything else around it!

2. Focus on being in your Brilliance 90% of the time

This is about doing the things that only YOU can do and doing them first eg. Monday mornings I write my newsletter, its my no 1 priority. Then I hand it over to my assistant to format and send out. She can do that much better and faster than me! This costs me very little money and it frees up my time and headspace to do the things only I can do eg. ringing clients. Again this is scheduled into my week and I have a certain timeframe in which I need to get it done as my assistant also has it scheduled in to do on Mondays. My productivity skyrocketed when I implemented this simple change.

What do you need to focus on first and schedule into your week with set timeframes? Do it now!

3. Delegate to a capable team

I have an excellent team of people working with me that I can delegate to. None of my team are employed by me, they are all contracted. This means I only pay for what I need and it also means they have a fantastic work ethic and service attitude. They are professionals in their area of expertise. I selected them based on the value for money I would get, not what they cost me. They are very clear about my high standards and I hold them to it. I demand excellent service and so I get it. I will not hold on to team members who don?t meet my expectations (this applies to everyone, from web experts to cleaners). Most people start to delegate too late. Start early, free up your time and use that time productively to make you more money).

What do you need to start delegating today? What can someone else do freeing you up to focus on income producing activities?

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