Link Popularity Tips That Will Help Increase Your Page Rank

Link Popularity Tips That Will Help Increase Your Page Rank
An extremely large number of web masters are in a quandary. They have spent huge amounts on getting beautifully designed pages with the latest software and animation and they also offer the best products and services. Why then isn?t anybody paying their sites a visit? Every day, thousands of websites are launched on the ever growing World Wide Web.

In such a situation, internet users heavily rely upon search engine results instead of paid ads to lead them to the information or products they are looking for. Unfortunately, more than 90% search result users click on only the links that show up on the first or second page of their search results, ignoring the thousands of others that show up after the second page. Since the majority of websites lie in the following pages, there are really high chances of these websites never getting to see the light of the day.


If you do not want a similar fate for your website, then it is high time that you indulged in exercises that would increase your search engine rankings. The first and the most important step that you can take in this direction is to build the link popularity of your web pages in order to improve their Google Pagerank. The number of text links all over the internet that point towards your website play an extremely important role in determining both your page rank and your rank in search result pages.

Most websites languish with low page ranks because building link popularity is a time consuming job that needs dedicated effort. However text linking is the only way of increasing your page ranks and giving your web site the life it deserves. By following our tips on building link popularity, you will very soon be able to achieve a much higher page rank than what you thought possible.

? Create As Many Links To Your Website As Possible All Over The Internet. This is because Pagerank is calculated on the basis of the number of back links that your website has on other pages on the internet. The larger the number of back links that you have, the higher will be your page rank, but mind you, your ads will generally not be counted. The easiest method of doing this is by submitting to directories, but since most directories already carry a lot of links, they might not improve your page rank drastically.

? Place Text Links On Sites That Have A Higher Page Rank Than Yours. Google gives different levels of importance to different backlinks based on the web page they are placed on. A text link from a page with a high page rank will increase your own page rank more when compared to a text link from a page with a lower rank. So always try to put your links on sites with a high PR through forum postings, blogging and article writing.

? Create Back links On Sites That Have Related Content. Search engine spiders are smart enough to pick up links that are ?planted? where they have no significance. Links placed on unrelated sites, like a text link for a cosmetics site on a sports news site, will generally be ignored. So the key is to tie up with people who are into a similar business.

? Put Your Keywords In Your Text Links. The text that you put on your links is used by search engines to determine the content of your website. Therefore, putting in keywords specifying what you are all about will get you higher search engine rankings when that keyword is searched for.

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