Selecting the Right Promotional Product and Deciding the Logo

Selecting the Right Promotional Product and Deciding the Logo
The best way to let other people know about your company and its products or services is by means of advertising about your company. The most cost effective way to do advertise your brand is by means of using promotional products. You can choose from different types of promotional products to distribute among clients, customers and employees as free gifts with the items or services you are offering.

The best way to advertise indirectly about your company’s product or services is by means of customizing promotional products. The basic thing that you need to think about while customizing promotional items is how the logo of your company look on those products. You would also need to choose the most appropriate promotional goodies to be distributed depending on your line of work and client or customer base.

The Logo

i. Try your existing logo with the promotional item and see whether the former looks good on the later or not. You need to consider whether the logo would be in black and white or in other colors. Ensure that the information on the logo is readable even after you shrink the font size to match with the item.

ii. There would be a text accompanying the logo. You need to examine the text since the promotional items would not have much space to include text. Hence, you need to write information about the company and its products or services as briefly but clearly as possible.

iii. Use graphic design software to edit the logo. Create a few versions of the logo in different sizes and colors. Save copies in different formats like BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, WMF and EPS. If you know the process, you can do it yourself or consider hiring a professional graphic designer.

Choosing the Right Products

i. It is important to choose the right product for promoting your business. Go through different catalogues and check out different options of available promotional products. Choose a product that has some kind of relation with the kind of business you are doing. For instance, if you are dealing with eco-friendly items, you can choose to opt for eco-friendly tote bags. Choose something useful and attractive so that it catches the fancy of both the users and onlookers.

ii. Choose the products as per their usefulness and price. At times an inexpensive product can be very useful and vice versa.

Once you can finalized the business promotional items, place an order for them and make an advance payment. You need to make the complete payment at the time of taking the delivery. Distribute the promotional products wisely so that you get the expected return.

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