The Working Reality

The Working Reality
Recently, I was “touring” around on the internet, joining people’s lists and seeing what information they had to offer. I was looking for our competitors – trying to find out what they were doing and saying. As I sat here exploring, I came across the most shocking reality.

The title of the article was about why you should be an entrepreneur running a business from home. I went through the list that talked about saving money on gas, being able to spend time with your kids, being able to go on vacations whenever you want, and so forth. The list went on – and not too much of my surprise, sounded like the familiar benefits of any other list an entrepreneur would hand me. Then, I came across one that made my heart drop. I don’t know if it hit so hard because I was a new purchaser of one or if it was just a reality I had never had brought to my attention.


So what was the big reason that had me thinking for hours about the reality of our lives? The number one reason why I now believe you should be an at home entrepreneur… Your home is the biggest bill you work to pay for and you don’t even get to enjoy it! Take a minute and think about it. I have just recently bought a home, I will get to be in it a couple hours a night and a little bit on the weekend, yet I work 8 hours a day to own it. That is not counting the amount of time my significant other works as well. So, where did this world go wrong, when did we decide that it was so important to have these things that we had to work so hard just to spend a small fraction of our time enjoying them?

I couldn’t believe how true it was. I understood spending time with family, having flexibility and saving money would all be a benefit of an entrepreneur, but I never thought of this eye-opening reason. You’re already paying for an office space and you aren’t even using it. You have the talents to teach everyone what you know and can do, and you are allowing someone else to steal them from you for their benefit. I mean, this may just be one way of looking at it, but you could open your own business from home today, have the supplies you need and do exactly what you go to work to do every other day. It doesn’t matter if you are working as a cashier at a grocery store – you can teach people about effective customer service. Or, you could be a human resource manager – you could go in and help companies with human resource training or become your own head hunting company for others. The reality is, you could turn anything you are doing now, and coach or consult others how to do it and still be able to enjoy your home!

I don’t know if you’ve realized this before, but I still can’t get past the idea that we work so much to be able to spend a small fraction of our life enjoying the things we pay for. Where is the reality in this? This is but doesn’t have to be “the working reality”.

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