Why Content Is Important For Your Site

Why Content Is Important For Your Site
You may have heard many times about the importance of fresh unique content for your web site but you may be wondering why it is so important.

If you have a website you count on the search engines like Google to bring you traffic. But people searching Google for keywords related to your products will only find you if your site is indexed by Google and ranks well. Most searchers will never go beyond the first page of search results. This means your site should be in the top 10 to get the traffic you want.


There are many things that need to be done in order to achieve it but one of the first things to ensure is having quality content for Google to index. This content should clearly show the search engines what your site is about (i.e. contain your keywords) yet it should not look like it was written for the search engines only. The keywords should not be overused and the text should be readable by your human visitors. Another reason why it is important to have nicely written content is it will help you sell your products to your site visitors.

And do not think that just by copying another site’s content (such as a successful competitor’s site) you will automatically replicate their success on the ranking front as well as in terms of sales. With the duplicate content filters that Google has, copying somebody else’s content will only doom your site to never being able to rank well. Also, if you have an affiliate site selling some merchant’s products, you may want to add some content of your own to the product descriptions that come from the merchant and are being used by dozens or even hundreds of other affiliates like you. For the same reason of avoiding the duplicate content filters, you want yo create something that will make your site stand out and not be treated by Google as a “thin affiliate” not adding any value.

The best way to go about creating your site’s content is probably writing it by yourself – after all, who knows your business better than you? But what if you do not like writing, or are not so good at it, or simply do not have the time? Luckily there are copywriting services available out there. They know all the peculiarities of writing for the web and, given your instructions, will help you make your site valuable both for the search engines and your potential customers alike.

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