Are You Committing These Mistakes In Your Online Business?

Are You Committing These Mistakes In Your Online Business?
I can still remember back in 2003 when I got my first online sale. Wow. That changed my belief system that it’s possible to make a living from the internet.

You know what you must do to get the first sale?First, you have to get started. That may sound obvious, but it’s where most people fail.


Really, no kidding. They procrastinate, or they just don’t believe it will work. So, they don’t do anything. Don’t make that you know how to start, you must make sure that you know how to pick a profitable online niche market.

An opt-in list is the absolute most effective marketing tool available on the Internet. Not only do they provide you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but they also enable you to develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers.

The key to using an opt-in list effectively is to develop a large subscriber base. Not just a large subscriber base, but a list of targeted potential customers. Optimizing your email opt-in process is one of the most important,though often forgotten, parts of your email marketing program.

It works like this… You offer an attractive and irresistible freebie at your site, (in most cases this works best via a pop up or pop-under) and when your visitors claim their freebie, they are required to enter then name and email address. They then are subscribed to your series of personalized, scheduled email messagesthat you have pre-written. The best type of series is one that
offers free valuable help and information about the subject they were looking for help on in the first place.

I love to use the internet to make money because it?s relatively low cost and secondly, it gives me a lot of leverage.

DO you know what?s a direct response webpage?

A direct response webpage is a page that prompts the visitor to take action like buying your product, answer a survey, subscribe
to your mailing list and so mistake that many people make when trying to sell on theinternet is they try to sell the first time someone visits their page! Well, there is a possibility that they might buy on the first visit but the percentage of those who do buy is higher on subsequent visits to your site.Normally people don?t buy the first time they see your product.

Why?For the simple reason that they are not used to buying a product when they first see it! They may be skeptical and they would prefer to find out more about the product?s details first.Secondly, you do not have a relationship with your prospect yet.Would you prefer to buy a product from a friend or a stranger?I bet it would be from a mechanism of selling is the same in the internet business as in other types of want to build rapport with your visitors so that they will trust you and feel comfortable buying from you.

Here is the important part ?You must collect your visitors? names and email addresses when they visit your webpage so that you can send them more emails
in the future! I DO NOT recommend you sell to them on their first visit to your webpage. I recommend that you sell to them through emailsonce you have built rapport with them.

When you send an email to your list, you will refer them to a webpage where you sell your products. Traffic alone won?t make you any money. You MUST convert this traffic into first important rule, you MUST have a compelling sales you want is targeted traffic, not ?useless? traffic. Targeted traffic are traffic where he visitors comes to you, not being ?force? to visit your webpage.

If you are going to say…”I knew or read about these tips before. It’s nothing new to me”.

But “are you practicing them?”It’s not what you know that will earn you more money, but doing what you is TRUE if you are learning the correct knowledge or following the proven-to-work strategies to be successful online. If you DO NOT HAVE the correct knowledge or proven-to-work strategies, you are not going to get the successful results that you want.

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