Copynprofit Review – Two Copy N Profit Weaknesses You Need To Know

Copynprofit Review – Two Copy N Profit Weaknesses You Need To Know
In the previous CopyNProfit Review, I showed you my 30 days test results. In this review, I would like to discuss in more details the pros and cons of Copy N Profit system.

CopyNProfit promises to give you a ‘plug and play’ system. Does it live up to its promise or is it just a scam? In this review, we will look at this product/system in details. Firstly, let me tell you right off the bat that this product is NOT a scam but it’s NOT perfect either, it does have some weaknesses (cons). This review will discuss both the pros and cons, and share with you some tips on how to get the most out of this product.


When you join CopyNProfit system, you’ll receive over 30 hot niches that you can use. Each niche is completed with targeted keywords and ad words that you can just copy or import into your existing PPC campaigns. Most people use Google AdWords, but you can also use other PPC system such as Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter.

The major benefit (pro) of CopyNProfit system is that it offers you an opportunity to make money online FAST! You can just copy the availabe information into your existing PPC account. Monitor, test and tweak the campaigns for maximum results and then move on to the next niche. This will save you a lot of time from doing market research, keyword research and other testing. Basically, it has done most of the hard works for you.

Besides the ‘plug and play’ benefit, another great value we find is the training videos. We find the video tutorials very useful, especially for the newbies. If you want to make the most out of CopyNProfit, you should go through all the videos. They share with you many tips on how to optimize your campaigns and how to use other methods like blogs and Web 2.0 sites to increare your sales.

Now, let’s talk about some of the cons of CopyNProfit system:

1. Competition. Note that anybody can buy CopyNProfit, learn from the system and set up their on profitable campaigns. More people using the system means more competition. You can’t eliminate competition, any kind of business you do whether it’s online or off, you’ll encounter competition. Therefore, the only to get around this is to make your campaigns unique or stand out from the rest.

TIPS: Go through the video tutorials on the sections that teach you how to optimize your PPC campaigns and how to use NON-PPC methods such as blogging and Web 2.0 to drive organic search engine traffic. It’s very worth it spending your time going through the videos as they not only can help you create campaigns that stand out from the rest, but also guide you to create a more stable and long term Internet business.

2. Not All Niches Will Work. As mentioned, CopyNProfit gives you over 30 niches but do not expect that every one of them will make you money, this won’t happen. Because the marketplace is changing all the time, what used to work well, may no longer work. There is no guarantee of success here. In fact, there is no product in the world that can guarantee success! CopyNProfit simply lays out the system and instructions for you, you’ll need to take action. Success is in your hand!


CopyNProfit is a quality product that gives you a model you can copy and set up your Internet business and earn money quickly. However, it’s not all walk in the park, you’ll need to put in some time and effort to make it works. Do not expect to earn $100K in 30 days, this is highly unlikely. Aim for $1000 a month first and work on your campaigns CONSISTENTLY! That’s the way to succeed.

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