How These Companies Have Created Famous Trademarks Through The Letter Logo Design?

How These Companies Have Created Famous Trademarks Through The Letter Logo Design?
Many successful brands have crafted their company name so that it consists of their corporation initials. Through that, their trademark design does not only look classic and easy to remember but also looks chic and sophisticated.

Another advantage that a letter logo design serves is that it gives a wider margin for creativity than compared to the usual image based emblems and yet the entire monogram looks compact and solid.

You can also craft it creatively so that it depicts your company values or unique products feature so that it is easier for the customers to differentiate your company from others.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous brands that have created their trademark through their company initials.

1.Baskin Robbins:

This famous design consists of the two letters B and P crafted in bright blue and pink colors and placed a little crookedly. The colors that are used in the initials are also placed to depict the number 31 which represents the number of flavors that this famous ice cream corporation offers; one for each day of the month. Overall, this is one of the smartest designs ever as it is simple and friendly and comprehends the unique company feature.

2. IBM:

How can you tell your customers that you treat all of them equally, with excellent service, by using only a few horizontal lines?

Learn from the IBM emblem. The symbol may be crafted with straight and thick fonts to represent professionalism and formality but the eight horizontal lines carry a deeper meaning. These lines also make the image look like a computer generated graphic which is perfect for this corporation.

3. Milwaukee Brewers:

If you want to create an emblem for a baseball team then the two items that would depict the sport perfectly are a glove and a base ball. If you can mold that into the letters of your team, then you have created yourself one of the best emblems of all time. This is what this famous baseball team has done. They have used the letters M and B and crafted it into a baseball glove that is holding a ball. The compactness of the image also makes it clever and easily memorable.

4. LG:

This is one of the most famous 2 letter logos that consists of the company initials crafted innovatively. It may look simple on first sight; like the letter L encompassed within the letter G but on careful observation you will see that there is a half face in the image with the dot acting as the eye of the face and the L acting as the nose of the face. This adds a smart touch to the monogram and the bright red color only makes the emblem more appealing.

Hence, keep all these factors and designs in mind when you are creating your own company emblem using the initials.

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