One Of The Biggest Money Making Mistakes

One Of The Biggest Money Making Mistakes
Whatever maybe your religion , whatever is your skin color , whatever you vote for president, wherever you live in the world, there is one of the biggest money making mistakes, ONE common enemy of every organized effort that you or your team is trying to make.

You may be working a regular 9-5 or trying to make a living with “make money from home” business.


You may be unemployed or working in your family business.

You even could be a professional hit man!

As far as I know your number 1 enemy, the fiercest of them all that has been around from the dinosaur era, the indisputable king of money making mistakes is…TEMPTATION!!!

This pal here can devastate your entire career, can ruin your personal life in milliseconds and can transform your beautiful money making business into garbage!

The temptation in money making opportunities has many faces. You could be tempted to skip work today, to postpone your meeting for next week, to cancel the research on your new project and just get into it, to hop without much thinking on the next wagon of “internet money making revelation”- this has been my biggest money making mistake!- and trust your gut feeling that this product about edible scooters will rule the market!

I don’t think I am able to provide an explanation about the why and how but I do know that the only way to success is far away from this big fellow!

You are armed with extraordinary powers in this life and you just have to use them. Stick to the basics no matter what! This is the one most useful piece of advice that I have ever been given!

Let’s say that you just joined a money making opportunity that requires a decent effort from your side. Stay with it, try to understand how things work,put some of your precious time in there and give it a try. Your biggest money making mistake would be not to respect the money you have invested in this opportunity and go after another idea in split seconds!

You and I both know that after a while – unless of course you hit jackpot straight from the start (!) – this urgent need to join another money making system, that just began to get some buzz, comes into play and demands your attention!

We should both cover our ears, don’t open any new emails about “cash vomiting” machines and put some more effort in our money making project.

Or else, our friend the Temptation is going to tear our attention into pieces and make us lost in the jungle!

That does not mean to say that you should stay into the sinking boat no matter what. After you give something a reasonable amount of effort and time, and things do not work out as they should, then please run like Forest!

Only after many personal mistakes did I end up joining two systems that actually work and helped me to understand the importance of setting goals and going after them in the money making internet business.

After all is said and done we should be aware of the fact that temptation will not go away. It will be always there criticizing any effort you make! A Greek writer once, said that “the only way that you can beat temptation and make it disappear is when you succumb to it, when you bow and take its hand”.

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