What Are The Right Questions To Ask When Prospecting By Phone?

What Are The Right Questions To Ask When Prospecting By Phone?
Lack of face to face contact is one of the major hurdles when speaking to a prospect over the phone about your network marketing opportunity. Overcome this hurdle by honing your phone skills and asking the right questions.

While in the presence of a prospect and speaking to them about your business, it is easy to read their body language. As they respond to your every word, you are able to guage their interest or dis-interest by their body movement. Studies have shown that 55% of what we communicate is non verbal. If there is something they don’t understand you can read the confusion on their face. In turn, if something you have said is enticing, you can see their delight. When prospecting by phone, you do not have that advantage.


What you have to do to overcome this hurdle when speaking to a prospect by phone is to ask the right questions. This way you are able to discern what is going in the mind of your prospect.

When describing a particular beneficial aspect of your network marketing company to your prospect, you will wan to ask questions like:

How does that sound?

Does that make sense?

Does that sound reasonable?

Are you with me so far?

Lets say your prospect has asked a question and after you have aswered it, you will want to ask questions like:

Have I answered your question?

You are asking this question to illicit a response to know what they are thinking so you know how to move forward.

About 84% of what is communicated over the phone is through the tone of their voice. Not only is it very important to listen closely to what your prospect has to say but the key is to listen to their tone as well. Listen to what type of responses they give and the words they choose. If it sounds like they have further questions, it is up to you to ask:

It sounds like you have further questions? or concerns?

By continuing to ask these questions proves to the prospect that you care and you are actually listening to what they have to say. Practicing this method of prospecting via the phone can eventually lead to a new recruit into your business. All you have to do is ask the right questions, then shut up and listen.

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